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"Healing The Heroes" is a non-profit charity providing hunting & outdoor excursions for this nations most cherished treasures. Our wounded veterans!

If you love the outdoors and our wounded veterans as much as we do, please support "Healing The Heroes".  100% of your support goes towards providing hunting, shooting and outdoor activities for our wounded vets.  We are extremely proud of our growing charity and of its success.

"Healing The Heroes" provides citizens of this great nation, especially sportsman in Green Country, an opportunity to show our wounded vets that we are grateful for their sacrifices. Ladies and Gentlemen It Does Matter!!! 

We were founded in 2009, as outdoorsmen from Oklahoma who set out to give something back to our national heroes. At first we worked in collaboration with one of America’s largest wounded veteran non-profits. We soon decided that we could better serve the heroes by handling all aspects of the operation ourselves. Forming our own non-profit charity enabled us to provide more opportunities and growth than ever imagined back in 2009.

All to help heal our wounded heroes.


               If you're a wounded veteran and would like to participate in a "Healing The Heroes" event,

                                            click on the photo below. We would love to take you hunting.

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