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There are many ways to help us help the wounded veterans. The best way is through a monetary, tax deductible donation. Every little bit helps, and keep in mind, 100% goes to our mission. Our staff is made up entirely of volunteers and receives no salaries. The board pays for all meetings and travel out of their own pockets as to ensure all donations go straight to our mission and to this fantastic cause.

There are two ways to make a tax deductible donation. You can mail a check or money order to "Healing The Heroes" or simply click on the secure paypal button, to donate using your credit card or paypal account. You will receive a receipt automatically through paypal or if you mail in a donation we will email or send you a receipt through the USPS.


   Another way to help is through donations of goods and services. We are always in need of anything sporting goods related. Even if we can’t use your donation during the hunt, we have our annual "Healing The Heroes" banquet where we have raffle prizes and door prizes for the veterans. This makes for a fun time and loads of laughs. Here again, your donation is tax deductible and we will generate a receipt for your tax records.  Please contact us if you think you might have something appropriate for a wounded veteran that loves the outdoors.
For all landowners and outfitters out there, another awesome way to make a difference is through hunt donations to the veterans. Be mindful that our operations are all based out of Northeastern Oklahoma. Travel can be an issue for some of our veterans, but most will drive quite a ways for a gift like hunting. We will be happy to provide the necessary logistical support to ensure a deserving veteran can overcome their ailments and enjoy an exciting hunt.  Deer, elk, bear, turkey, and hogs are at the top of many of our participant’s lists. If you think you can donate a hunt, please call or email us. Your donation is tax deductible and you won’t regret it.

If there are any landowners willing to let us take a wounded veteran hunting on your land, you'll have a friend for life.  This is an awesome way to help out.  Simply provide permission to hunt. If you think that your land might work please contact Healing The Heroes. We need to keep it in Northeast Oklahoma due to all the logistics involved.

If you would like to become a "Healing The Hero Volunteer" for an event please fill out this "Volunteer Form" so HTH can contact you and assign you an event responsibility. 

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