"Healing The Heroes" Registration & Liability Release

   Registration Is Now Open For The 8th Annual September Dove Hunt / Skeet Shoot.

If you are a wounded veteran from any conflict and would like to participate in a "Healing The Heroes" event, we will have to get some basic information from you. We will need you to open the links below for the registration and liability release forms. Complete the "Registration Form" online and submit it. Print and sign the "Liability Release" form and bring it with you to the event. Please register ASAP. The earlier the better so we get a good count of our participants and their guest for each event. If there is a question or something we have not made clear, please contact us. The "Registration Form" helps to provide a better service for the participants.

Along with the Registration Form we will need both you and your guest to fill out and sign a separate "Liability Release Form" .   

If you would like to become a Healing The Heroes Volunteer for an event please fill out this "Volunteer Form" so HTH can contact you and assign you and event responsibility. 

Healing The Heroes events are cost free for the veterans attending the event.  From the time you arrive in Owasso, Oklahoma until the time you depart, all is provided.

After HTH receives your registration form it will go through a review process to determine eligibility based on a variety of factors. If placement is possible you will receive advanced notice from HTH of acceptance for one of our events.

Click here for our contact information

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