"Healing The Heroes" Mission Statement

"Healing The Heroes" is a grass roots, total volunteer, non-profit organization that believes in the power of therapeutical healing of our wounded veterans through the Great American Outdoors.

Our motto: "Healing Heroes Through Hunting", provides a baseline for what we do.  There is more to a hunt than the hunt itself.  We believe in the power of camaraderie, something the military and combat instilled in our soldiers. We believe it is a powerful and critical part of the healing process.

"Healing The Heroes" provides annual, totally free, "getaway trips" for our veterans and spouses. An event for our participants to plan for and look forward to all year.  An opportunity for our wounded veterans to swap stories, laugh, share hardships and leave their problems behind even if only for a weekend. 

"Healing The Heroes" is honored to say "Thank You" and give something back to those who gave so much.


U.S Congressman Jim Bridenstine from Oklahoma's First District has proudly given support to our mission. We at "Healing The Heroes" are extremely grateful and fortunate for the good Congressman's support and compassion shown towards us and our participants. Lieutenant Commander Jim Bridenstine is a naval aviator who flew multiple combat missions over the middle east and still serves in the U.S Navy Reserves today. There are still some outstanding people in Washington DC and Jim is a fine example of one. 

If you would like to visit the Congressman's website click here or here for his Facebook page. Tell him thanks!

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