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                8th Annual Dove Hunt & Skeet Shoot September 2nd & 3rd 2016
                      Registration Deadline August 15th


   Healing The Heroes Annual Dove Hunt And Skeet Shoot

This is HTH Flagship Event! Since 2009 HTH has held this event in Owasso, Oklahoma. Thanks to some awesome donors
and amazing volunteers we are not only able to provide a turn-key weekend getaway for a wounded solider but one adult 
guest as well. 
This hunt takes place on the free hunting weekend in early September each year. Our guest will arrive at the designated hotel
and register starting on Friday. Have a dinner and get 
together. Then on Saturday we head out to the skeet shoot for some
practice before the evening dove hunt. Followed up with an evening dinner, gifts and door prizes and a guest speaker.
Checking out on Sunday.

We can accommodate our heroes with severe disabilities on this hunt. There is nothing physical about this event and we will go
above and beyond to make sure every solider is taken care of. We have plenty of 
volunteers on this hunt to assist in every
way possible. 


The whitetail deer hunts are conducted 
in October - December in Northwest and
Northeast Oklahoma. The trophy buck 
hunts are five days long and does can
be taken as well. This hunt includes lodging
and we hunt the guys during the rifle and 
black powder seasons on private land.

The whitetail doe hunts are done on a daily
basis and we hunt them on private land in 
the Oologah and Owasso, Oklahoma area.

Both hunts are highly successful and the guys
love them. HTH supplies everything necessary 
except the tags and license.   

HTH duck hunts take place in December - January in the Owasso - 
Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Our duck hunts are conducted on private land
in the creeks or on ponds and slews. We like to have groups of 2 - 4
depending on the physical limitations of our hunters.

We will have transportation and all the logistics worked out ahead of
time. Sometimes the hunter will need to have a set of waders
depending on the conditions of the hunt. We have some sets to loan
but sizes vary so. Hunter will need to have their federal duck stamp 
and hunting license, hip permit and state of Oklahoma stamp unless

We usually do pretty good on these hunts. Usually we are limited out
within a few hours if not minutes. Loads of fun for our wounded

Hog hunting!! Who doesn't love hunting hogs!! 

The hog hunts take place during the spring -
summer months in Okemah, Oklahoma. This
is a 2 night event and our heroes are allowed
2 hogs. Lodging and food is provided. 2 - 4 
hunters are preferred. 

We hunt the hogs by any means our hunters
desire. Rifle, handgun, bow, knives, spears.
No hand grenades please. We have dogs on
site as well. 

On this hunt we can accommodate a veteran 
with extreme disabilities. We have road access
and atv's. If you can sit at a feeder you will get
a hog. Our veterans will get to bring home the 
bacon again. 


HTH fishing trips are just awesome. We conduct our fishing trip any time
of the year that the weather permits. We can handle groups up to 8 for
a fully guided, overnight lake Texoma striper trip or groups of 2 for some  
fun closer to Tulsa. Going out in the boat after crappie or jug-lining for the 
big catfish on lake Oologah. 

On the lake Texoma trip we limit it to veterans only but on the day trips  
around Tulsa we can handle one guest also. You will need an Oklahoma  
fishing license or proof of exemption. Everything else is provided. Even 
fish cleaning is provided.

Our trips are pretty productive most of the time. However fishing is
fishing and you never know. But a damn good time is guaranteed. 


If you would like to sponsor an event here are the cost estimates per solider.

DOVE HUNT WEEKEND:  $1000 each
DEER HUNT DOE:             $400 each 
DEER HUNT TROPHY:      $2500 each 
FISHING TRIP LOCAL:       $200 each
HOG HUNT WEEKEND:     $600 each 
DUCK HUNT:                       $200 each
We are a 501(C)3 charity and all donations are tax deductible.  


 Healing The Heroes Fallen Solider Table. We know what it stands for do you? Click on the pic to find out.


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