"Healing The Heroes" Board of Directors

A strong foundation is paramount to anything that one builds. A nonprofit charity is no different. We believe that "Healing The Heroes" has put together an exemplary board of directors. Each one of our board members brings an array of experience and special skills to the team. Our board members come from all walks of life.  All are sportsmen, some are military veterans, some hunting guides and some business owners. Most of all, our board members are professionals who are honored to serve and be an asset to this organization. Along with a multitude of skilled volunteers and your appreciated donations, "Healing The Heroes" will be able to give back to those who gave so much for many years to come.

     Gianni Giannandrea

                  Chairman of the Board


            Kelly Walker

       Co Founder / Director of Operations


          James Schaefer

  Co Founder / Director of Communications


                  Jerry Starkey

              Director of Media / Internet

             Bruce Coon 

            Director of Logistics / Treasurer

                        Mo Lewis

                      General Secretary 


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